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12 Interesting Facts About PlayStation You Didn’t Know

Playstation is one of the most valuable gaming console brands that has it’s legacy build up really strong over the past decade after Nintendo. It’s one of the most popular gaming consoles and Sony sold 102 million PlayStation 4 units which is just crazy making it the second most selling gaming console before PlayStation 2.

Remember PS1 that tiny slim white box with curved edges!.

Interesting Facts About PlayStation

It was simple yet amazing and the games are still fun to play today.

Its history is very unique and here are 12 Interesting Facts about Playstation you didn’t know.

1.The very first PlayStation was actually marketed as a new SNES

Interesting Facts About PlayStation

In the early 1990’s, Sony and Nintendo actually worked together. However, in 1991, during the time when SNES was really famous, Sony said that they would improve the gaming console which would come with a new CD ROM.

But later on, Nintendo and Sony split their ways and Sony came up with a new gaming console called PS-X which was an improved version of SNES.

They announced the new console in 1993 and yes it was named PS-X. From which Playstation 1 was born.

Interesting Facts About PlayStation

2. One Hundred Million Units Milestone

In the early days, Sony wasn’t that confident about the gaming industry but they were eager to enter it. After splitting from Nintendo and joining hands with Sega, they worked together to create the Sega CD attachment to the Genesis which actually sold 2 million units. After a few years, they went on to create their own gaming console Playstation.

The original Playstation 1 then became the worlds first console to sell 100 million units. With Playstation 2 and Wii following its footprints. Sony then sold 155 million units of Playstation 2 which is more than the previous Playstation.

3. PS2’s Glowing Towers

Did you know that the weird bars that you see when you load your Playstation 2, it’s got a real secret message hidden inside.

The number of towers on that screen increases, the more games you play, and the height of those towers increases the longer you play any PS2 games. This is such a cool feature that Sony has added to the console and in such a stealthily unnoticeable way. We just hope that something similar comes back again into future Playstation consoles.

4. A man changed his legal name to PlayStation 2

This may sound really weird but it is an actual event that happened. A 29-year-old man from Oxfordshire was so obsessed with Playstation 2 that he actually decided to change his legal name to Playstation 2 in his full senses.

Sarcastically, in the media, he went even further to joke about marrying Playstation 2 which the media and the news actually believed in however, he was just joking about it.

5. Playstation 1 had a black disc

Interesting Facts About PlayStation PS1 Black Disc

Early on when Playstation 1 was really hyped up, it actually had a black disc. Many people believed that it was a unique rare version of the games and it had some deep meaning behind it.

However, the black disc was there because it looked great but it had no meaning whatsoever. It was a normal disc that would be able to store games normally and run them on the console.

6. Only 8 games available at the PlayStation launch

Interesting Facts About PlayStation PS early games

Today there are countless titles of Playstation games that we are able to play. Now with increase storage capacity of consoles of about 1 to 5 Terabytes, you can pretty much a lot of games.

But when the first original Playstation was launched, there were only 8 games available for the gamers to play. They were train simulator, Ridge Racer, 2 mahjong titles and a few other interesting games.

However, These games later had a huge impact on shaping how games were to be played in the future.

7. Gold PS One

In 2013, Sony had sent one of the most rarest PS 1 versions of all time which is the Gold PS 1 to Minecraft Creator Markus Perrson as a gift and also an invitation to its VIP event at the E3 games conference.

This was definitely one of the rarest Playstation 1 versions which only a few possess.

8. Playstation’s Best Selling games

Interesting Facts About PlayStation Gran turismo

If you are curious to know if there were any best selling games other than Grand Theft Auto V then it was the racing simulator game Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo was one of the most famous games of Playstation selling over 10m units, followed by Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, Tekken 3, Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot.

9. PlayStation controller symbols

Interesting Facts About PlayStation

There is a Triangle, X, Square and a Circle. Many may not even realise that those symbols in the playstation controllers have a very deep meaning behind it. We use those controller buttons everyday but did you know that those symbols were very unique to Playstation.

The triangle represented a person’s viewpoint. The square represented a map. The circle and the X literally meant Yes and No.

10. The PlayStation console was priced at 37000 Yen

The price of the playstation console was quite low , and 100000 units were distributed in Japan, but those sold out immediately. Because of that, Sony had to build an extra 200,000 units and they were sold within a month after launch.

11. External memory cards

Image result for PS memory cards"

The PlayStation was the second major console to offer external memory cards for saving games, the first being SNK’s Neo Geo machine that launched in 1990.

12. Ken Kutaragi Hated Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot PS 1

Crash Bandicoot is one of the most loved games of all time. As being one of the most played games of Playstation and one of the highest selling games, it was not liked by Ken Kutaragi.

If you don’t know who is ken Kutaragi, he is the former Chairman and Group CEO for Sony Computer Entertainment.

According to Ken, Crash Bandicoot was a really amateurish game which did not resonate with the Playstation’s target audience. Playstation was actually created for a more mature audience.

So these were some of the amazing facts about Playstation that you didn’t know. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do follow our blog to get the latest updates.

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