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15 Quick Amazing Facts About Apex Legends Game

15 Quick Amazing Facts About Apex Legends Game

Apex Legends Game developed by a well-known company Respawn Entertainment and published by the second-largest gaming company of America, Electronic Arts (EA)is a strategic royale battle game.

It is a perfect blend of survival, exploration, and scavenging elements of a survival game. It involves multiple players playing to eliminate all other opponents while avoiding being trapped outside of a shrinking safe area.

The last-man-standing alive is the winner.

It is widely popular amongst gamers and is performing great on the platforms  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Here are the 15 amazing facts about Apex Legends Game that you may wish to know:

1. The hottest game of 2019:

Launched early this year on February 4, Apex Legends is emerging as the hottest game. In just a month’s time, it reached out to whopping 50 million players.

2.  Apex Legends Game emerged as the first big game released despite its secretive launch:

Apex Legends had 2.4 million players already playing the game just within the first 24-hours of its release. The game was not promoted.

The gaming community and online media or the social sites had no information of the game being released. There were no trailers, no teasers apart from a few selected media and still emerged big huge strength of players.

Ninja was reportedly paid #1 million to stream Apex Legends at launch.

3. Set-up in Titanfall:

The platform for Apex Legends is set in the same universe as the Titanfall duology, which too had a similar origin; developed and published by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, respectively.

It takes place 30 years after the events of Titanfall 2.

4. Entirely different and unique settings.

As on date, Apex legends provide a total of eight absolutely unique characters, specializing in unique fields and skills.

•    Bangalore (Professional Soldier).

•    Bloodhound (Technological Tracker).

•    Caustic (Toxic Trapper).

•    Gibraltar (Shielded Fortress).

•    Lifeline (Combat Medic).

•    Mirage (Holographic Trickster).

•    Pathfinder (Forward Scout).

•    Wraith (Interdimensional Skirmisher).

EA has uploaded bios for each character that give gamers an insight into what every name is about and gives the feel of the character.

5. Team mode of 3 players:

As on date, Apex legends provides a platform for 3 members as a team. There are no solo or duos available as of not yet we can anticipate them in the future. Each squad play against other squads in up to 60 player matches.

Becoming the legend of the battlefield of the intense game revolves around the good strategic selection of characters and good coordination.

6. Free to play; A bold move by EA:

EA is very cautious regarding earning profits from games. They do every possible thing to maximize sales and earn a profit. Yet, they went into an agreement with Respawn Entertainment to launch Apex Legends as a free to play the game and make a profit through in-app sales. Microtransactions are the only direct way to earn money and make a profit. Respawn wanted to pursue a game that to be able to uptake advantage of the potential revenues in free to play games.

7. Rewards for in-game challenges:

Battle passes to reward the players with new seasonal cosmetic items by completing in-game challenges.

8. Can be customized in appearance:

Players can customize and personalize how Apex appears on their screens.

9. Stands out from the battle royale pack in a few ways:

•    Entirely team-based with no solos or duos.

•    Every match consisting of 20 teams of three battling to be the last group remaining.

•    Provides in-game tools for communicating enemy and weapon locations.

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•    Players downed by opponents can be respawned back into the game by certain actions of their squadmates.

When a player dies, they’ll drop a Respawn Beacon, which another squadmate can pick up and bring to a respawn station to bring them back into the fight.

10. Records:

•    Hold 2 million records for concurrent players.

•    Has 8.4 million hours record for Twitch streaming in a 24 hour period.

•    159 million finishers used, 1.23 billion ultimates activated, 31 billion pings placed, 170 million respawns.

•    $92 million is the monthly revenue from in-game spending of Apex.

•    Added 30% new players to EA games.

11. Bangalore is An IMC Soldier:

In Apex Legends, Bangalore, originally on a mission in the Outlands is forced to fight in the Apex Games when her squad was ambushed, to raise enough money to get herself back home.

12. Bloodhound, the tracker  Was Originally Designed for Titanfall:

Bloodhound who in Apex has the skill to track enemy footprints was Originally Designed for Titanfall as evident from Titanfall 2 concept art book

13. Lifeline Comes from Wealth:

Lifeline, the resident healer character has unique abilities including a drone that can restore allies’ health and a shield to protect her while she’s reviving downed squadmates. Her Ultimate ability allows her to call in a supply drop benefitting the entire team.

She was Ashamed of how her parents amassed their fortune by profiting off the IMC and Frontier Militia. As penance, she uses her profits from the Apex Games for the benefit the civilians whose lives were ruined by the war.

14. Pathfinder, the only robotic hero is on his own way of search:

Everyone is forced into fighting the Apex Games and so is the Pathfinder.

He woke up in an abandoned laboratory decades before the events of Apex Legends and is on the path to find his own creator. He joins Apex Games with this hope.

15. Mad scientist, Caustic:

Alexander Nox; the Frontier’s best scientists, used his intellect to create a variety of toxic gases to be used as pesticides. He started conducting experiments on living creatures to fill up his greed. Confront with his superiors and the ensuing battle destroyed his lab, leaving many to presume him dead. He finds his own way out by using Apex Games participants as his new guinea pigs to continue toxic gas experiments.

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