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4 Awkward Situations That Every Gamer Have Faced In His Lifetime

4 Awkward Situations That Every Gamer Have Faced In His Lifetime

We all love to play games and being a gamer, our life is pretty much different from others. We may or may not go out to play sports but our minds are constantly competing with hard challenges that require years of sharpened skill and practice.

We never get bored and that’s the beauty of gaming. It’s all about that high tech technology, story, creativity, and so much more.

There are several things that we have experienced in gaming. Dealing with noobs every day, fixing the wifi, updating the game, learning new skills. But there are certain things in our life that we can never forget and till this day, they make us cringe and laugh out loud.

Here are 7 awkward situations that every gamer have faced in his lifetime.

1. GTA Strip Club Awkward Situation

The GTA map is huge and we may not know the location of different buildings on the map. But the one thing that we all know very well is the location of the GTA strip club on the map. Its the one thing that is also the best thing about GTA. I remember that when you have nothing to do in GTA, just go to the Strip Club and of course its really fun especially when you were in puberty.

The one most unforgetful thing that has happened to all is when your mother comes into your room while you were playing GTA. Exactly at the moment when you are getting a lap dance. This is just one of the funniest thing that can happen to a gamer. Especially to a young gamer who is just exploring what puberty feels like.

The worst of all is when, you finally get a chance to play GTA and go to the strip club, when nobody is at home. You are all alone and maybe you wanted to just express yourself at this point. And somehow tragedy happens and your mom forgot to tell you something and she finds out that you are just in ecstasy getting a lap dance.

2. Picking up a prostitute (GTA 5)

The most awkward scene in GTA is the prostitute scene. GTA is a huge game and there are several things that you can do, one of them is having sex in the game. for most, it might be really fun doing it. Especially in GTA San Andreas where the car just shakes for a couple of minutes and your money decreases.

The problem starts in GTA 5, that’s because, in GTA 5, you can clearly see the sex happen in real-time of-course without nudity. But here in GTA 5 the prostitute actually makes some moaning noises and that can be really awkward. Imagine your little brother or cousin hearing you do this at midnight. Better wear headphones lol.

3. Ranting and Screaming at a Teammate having no idea that she is a girl and then finding out later on

This is one situation that every gamer has or will face in his lifetime. Gaming is a fun and online gaming is ever more enjoyable. One of the reasons is because you can let your soul out and just slice your way through noobs and rant at them.

To be brutally honest, this is indeed needed in online games to alert players who are not playing well. Especially in ranked games where your win depends upon your teammates and if they are not playing well, you got to do something about it.

The story and chapter totally turn awkward when you have been ranting and taunting the noobest player in the game for a straight 30 minutes. I remember one of my online gamers who actually literally pushed it too far by saying all sorts of bad words and forcing the player to actually play well.

As the tragedy had to happen, then the gamer screamed in the mic and told the noob player, “Why don’t you say anything”, “Speak up noob”. The noob who was a girl and the gamer did not know that turned on her mic and just said: “Hi, I am so sorry?”. The gamer just left the game lol.

4. Screaming at your PC screen or TV while playing online games

We all know that we have once done this or even several times. It is definitely annoying to face noobs in your game. It really sucks and especially when you are playing ranked games, it just becomes a really tough time to play properly.

Screaming at the mic is just normal for gamers and sometimes such aggression is needed in order to win a game or a match.

Now things can go really awkward when you are at your home. Especially when you have several of your family members in your house like cousins, uncles, aunties and grandmoms and granddads. Things get really awkward when someone watches you rant and scream at a TV or PC monitor. Sarcastically, it looks really cringy and awkward from someone’s eye looking at you.

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