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6 Things Only Dota 2 Players Can Understand

Dota is a game that is unique in many ways. It’s not a game for people who get bored easily. Its a game of patience, strategy and most importantly, your TEAM. You could be the world’s best Dota 2 player but if you got 4 noobs in your team, you are 70% most likely to lose and there is a 30% chance that you will carry the game being 1 vs 5. Teamwork is everything in Dota 2. Unlike, most shooter games like PUBG, Call of Duty where your skills matter a lot. In Dota, it’s about your leadership and your co-ordination with the team.

Its a 5v5 MMORPG game with more than 100 heroes to choose from and each unique in their own ways. All heroes have their specific counter heros and the Battle of DOTA 2 starts right from the beginning when you choose your role and hero.

The thing is if you got 4 noobs in your team and you are the best DOTA 2 player, its like your enemy teams gets 300X4 = 1200 gold every time your teammate dies. So, in Dota, items also make a huge difference and if your team keeps dying, you are sure to lose.

With a short intro!

Here are 12 Things That Only Dota 2 Players Can actually understand.

1. Playing for 6 hours straight and I have only played 5 games

Crazy as it sounds but its the 100% true fact of any Dota 2 player. If you have a Dota 2 gamer friend and you go to his home.

If you ever ask any Dota 2 player about how much hours he spends playing Dota 2, you will get an average of “4 to 7 hours a day”.

This is normal hours and its nothing for Dota 2 players. Playing Call of Duty or PUBG or 6 hours, “Your mind will surely go to hell”. Playing Dota 2 for 6 hours, its still possible.

That’s because the average game of Dota 2 lasts for at least 40 to 60 mins. Sometimes if the game gets intense, it goes on for 120 mins.

Because of this, even if you are gaming on Dota 2 for 6 hours, you have just played 3 to 4 games and you wanna play more!!.

2. Its hard to get gamers to play Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most complex games ever made and if you don’t understand the logic and strategy behind the game, you are most likely to lose or get bored and roast Dota 2 players later.

It took me atleast 3 months to fully understand Dota 2 (Learning those 108 heroes, item combinations OMG!!!) when I was a kid in high school playing at a cyber cafe and fortunate me enough, I had brothers and senior gamers who encouraged me to learn the game.

Otherwise, even for myself, I actually wanted to quit because the game was just so hard to grasp.

10 years down the line, Dota 2 comes up and I am now a pretty experienced player. I got to college and college is all about the fun, meeting new gamers and playing with them.

I have been converted into playing PUBG, Fortnite, Mobile Legends and I have played these games with my college friends.

When you try to convert someone into playing Dota 2. Good luck with that!

3. Mid heroes are meant to be mid, Regardless of the role


A new update in Dota 2 brings in the roles system which is actually really good. Kudos to Dota 2 for creating such a thing. It makes life less complicated and much more organized.

For the first time in the history of Dota 2, NOOBS NOW UNDERSTAND ROLES which is great. But do you know what’s frustrating and how you can spot a noob?

When noobs who have a mid role picks a decent carry who does well in mid or offline. But when the situation arises and you pick a mid hero who now according to the game situation needs MID and the noob denies that and starts arguing with you and tries to be MID ” Saying ” Playing your roles”.

Pro players can relate to this at a spiritual level.

We are players who have played the original DOTA 1 and here a noob comes in saying “I am silencer and I have a mid role and I will go against Invoker”. Well we all know, silencer can’t carry the game alone.

Later in the game, the noob rotates to top and says” Bro you should mid”. When he can’t handle the pain from Invoker.

4. Supports carrying the game

The game of Dota, supports are the ones who help carries get kills and just nuke the enemies and make sure that everything is fine in the game. In fact, without supports, carries are useless in a serious Dota 2 match.

But sometimes, you get such noob players that you as support have it build a carry item set and its just a big shame.

Especially when, you kill 10 to 15 times and instead of being appreciated for the most courageous actions taken by supports by putting their lives in danger in order to just stun the enemy or ward the enemy jungle, you are told, “you stole all my kills” or “You never ward” .

The most frustrating thing that happens is when you give a signal to your teammates that you are going to stun or disable the enemy and he is in the best position for kills.

The noob carries are just too scared to attack or just keeps farming.

5. Players with no brains, “The guy who comes to rescue me when there are 5 enemy players in the map together”

Getting support from teammates is the core to winning any Dota 2 game. I agree 100%.

There are times when players just farm for the rest of the game and at one point in my life I thought that that was really annoying. But on the positive side, he is not doing any harm to the overall game because he is gaining gold and he may be noob but he is not feeding so the enemy team does not get any extra gold.

Something which is even worse than this farmer guy is the guy who just has zero common sense. When you are playing a normal Dota 2 game and situations happen that you get a tuff team. This is normal and it’s fine because experienced players can work on this.

But when you get into a fight trying to kill a hero and suddenly, all the heroes comes behind him, you may get a kill but there is zero chance of escaping because it’s now 1vs 4 or 1vs5. Situations like this happen and 1 death doesn’t make a huge difference. Life is still normal.

But when your noob teammates see this and he thinks that he can come to save you. Now the problem starts because you are dead and he comes to save you by seeing enemies at low health and ultimately gets gangbanged by 4 to 5 enemies.

You know guys, Dota 2 players especially, Life cannot get more miserable than this. You can’t be a coach and a player at the same time.

6. Players who Mess with the “Courier”

Couriers are like customer support for Dota 2, they are one of the most important things in Dota. You can’t live without them, unless if you are playing Tinker. The main function of Couriers is to deliver items they buy from their base shop to them.

They are also like heroes and they have health but its too low and they die in 2 shots if them come in contact with any enemy hero.

They also have a base spell that makes them immune to enemy damage for a couple of seconds.

Now the annoying part of couriers in Dota 2 is when the teammates use them. Seriously, when you are about to complete an item set, some random noob teammates steal your courier and that’s really annoying.

There are players who buy one item and use courier to deliver them and then they buy the next item and trust me guys, if you have ever played Dota 2, you can relate to this.

Worst part is when, they use couriers when they are in the enemy base and holy moses, the courier dies. In a positive note, this is a great way to punish toxic players.

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