Dota 2 Best Farming Heroes To Farm Like Bill Gates

Dota 2 Best Farming Heroes

In the game Dota 2, it’s so important to actually have farming heroes in the team and also learn how to farm like a pro. Without proper farming, no matter how high your level is, your hero will still be useless without any items.

Some heroes in the game have the ability to gain insane amounts of gold like Alchemist and Bounty hunter. For them, farming gold and items is a piece of cake. But for other’s it can be a really slow and tiring process.

The heroes mentioned below are some of the amazing heroes who can also farm gold and items really well.

1. Anti-mage – “The Lane Burner”

Dota 2 Best Farming Heroes

I cannot stress how awesome Anti-mage is with farming. It’s a carry hero with his famous ability mana break which burns mana of opponents with additional damage.

This is his one skill that really helps him farm early on in the game killing Ranged creeps because they are the only creeps who have mana. However, Anti-mage really takes off the Dota 2 Business when he get’s his core items which is the Battle Fury.

The battle fury Gives Anti-mage a cleave damage which is similar to splash damage except it’s melee. With that, Anti-mage can farm really fast by killing multiple creeps in a short period of time.

Tips on earning gold with Anti-mage?

  • Kill ranged creeps during early game and also rotate through jungles.
  • Get Battle fury within the first 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Split push once you get Battle fury and keep doing that unless there are ganks.
  • Target killing supports rather than carries for quick cash.

2. Meepo – “The Pooooof”

Dota 2 Best Farming Heroes

The next hero is definitely our good old meepo. Meepo is a carry hero that has a unique ultimate skill that gives you additional 3 RAW copies of the hero. However, if one Meepo dies, you are dead. But together Meepo is one of the best farming heroes.

It just makes sense because you are actually using a total of 4 heroes to farm gold and that just makes farming items and gold very easy. Killing jungle creeps is not a big issue. However, the only problem with this hero is that it takes quite some pro level of skill to be able to playing this hero. I mean you really have to learn the hero well in order to play it.

Farming items which are useful for Meepo early on can be Vladmir’s Offering as it provides early lifesteal and additional 15% damage aura which is really useful while jungling.

Otherwise, give a Assault Cuirass that gives 25 attack speed aura and -5 Armor reduction aura. This really helps while poofing ganks and jungling too. Late game, get Scythe of Vyse to disable enemies or Butterfly if the game is too easy.

Tips on earning gold with Meepo?

  • With your first additional Meepo, farm lane creeps normally. It’s better to go mid with this hero.
  • When you get your second Meepo or even first, consider the option of jungle farming.
  • Once you hit the jungle, use Meepo’s skill Poof and keep spamming them on all Jungle Creeps.
  • While ganking, Aim at the weakest hero and spam multiple poofs. enemies should be dead within seconds guaranteed.

3. Bounty Hunter – “The Silent Killer”

Dota 2 Best Farming Heroes

Next amazing farming hero in my opinion is Bounty hunter. Be aware that not everyone can farm well with Bounty Hunter. It does take a good amount of killing kills in the game to really play well with Bounty Hunter. However, it is still one of the best farming heroes.

Mostly because, it has it’s ultimate skill that provides additional bonus gold after killing enemies and a passive skill that steals gold. But farming can be tuff because you are always lane farming and if you are not killing, then your farm will just be normal. The best thing to do is to give Bounty hunter high damage items early on in the game.

That includes Battle Fury for lane pushing, Desolator for damage and MKB for damage. This way, you can cause high damage to enemies, thanks to his 2nd skill that provides bonus damage. With desolator, you can literally cut half of the HP of low health enemies with one hit.

Tips on earning gold with Bounty Hunter?

  • Unlock Jinada his second skill first to steal gold and level it up at first priority to increase bonus damage. Use it to constantly stab enemies and steal their gold while you are laning.
  • Open Shuriken Toss or Shadow Walk but give priority to Shuriken toss as it’s a finishing move while ganking for BH.
  • Use Track before killing an enemy as that gives you bonus gold.
  • Hunt for supports as they just two hit kills, if you have maxed out 2nd skill which is Jinana with items like Desolator or MKB. That way, it’s an easy gold rush. If not, then use Shuriken Toss to finish them off.
  • While lane farming, use Jinada, sparingly, don’t waste it on creeps as it steals gold from enemies.
  • Lastly, another bonus item for BH is Dagon which works well as a finisher.

4. Nature’s Prophet – “Father of the jungles”

Dota 2 Best Farming Heroes

One of the most unique heroes in Dota 2 is the Nature’s Prophet. He is famous for his skill called Teleportation that gives him a global presence in the map by allowing him teleport to any location in the map. This offers him with ton of flexibility in the game.

Meaning he is ready for any ganking anytime anywhere. However, he is also one of the farming gods because of his skill called Natures call that converts trees into treants. With this at early game, you can start jungling and farming through jungle creeps without worrying much about ganks as you can teleport anytime.

Giving Nature’s Prophet, a Midas will just boost your gold per minute by ton. Within 10 minutes if you are able to farm the Midas then farming your next core won’t be a problem.

Tips on earning gold with Nature’s Prophet?

  • Farm Midas quickly as it will give you lot of gold.
  • Jungle farm using your treants and also watch out for ganks on the map.
  • Lane push once you get your core or even earlier.
  • Keep ratting lanes pushing towers in combination with jungle farm will get you to your luxury items in no time. Keep a goal of 20 to 25 minutes max.

5. Juggernaut – “The Old Warrior”

Dota 2 Best Farming Heroes

Juggernaut, yes you heard it right is actually really good at farming. Juggernaut is best known for his ultimate skill, Omnislash that almost guarantees a kill if used correctly. Juggernaut also has Blade Fury and Blade Dance which is really what makes Juggernaut farm really well.

At the same time, he is fast and quick and with Blade dance, your last hits will be more effective. If you choose to Jungle with juggernaut, then you won’t have any problem because of his healing ward that restores your health.

But it’s the item build of Juggernaut that makes him a really good farmer. His first item is either Battle Fury or Maelstrom and both of these items help in lane pushing and killing multiple creeps in one go.

Once you give Manta to Juggernaut, it’s tough to battle with him and also farming get’s even easier.

Tips on earning gold with Nature’s Prophet?

  • Battlefury may take a while to farm but however, consider Maelstrom as your first core item in the first 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Once you get Maelstrom, farming battle fury won’t be an issue.
  • If you are jungling early on, then definitely get Maelstrom.
  • Keep pushing the lanes and farming through lane creeps if you are going off-lane.
  • Some players choose to give Yasha early on and that’s ok if you are going for the Manta Build but for farming, it’s better to get Battle fury.

6. Alchemist – “God of Farming”

Dota 2 Best Farming Heroes

He is also known as the God of farming in dota 2 and there is no reason why he shouldn’t be called that. In Dota whatever he touches turns into gold and that is true because of his one ability that is Greevil’s Greed. This skill grants bonus gold for Alchemist whenever he kills a creep or enemy.

The gold bonus streak actually increase, the more creeps he kills and that can make him filthy rich. At max level, he can get 32 gold bonus per creep. The number may be small but it adds up and I have seen players farming Radiance within 8 minutes of Jungle farming.

He is truly a gold spammer and you should be able to get your core ready within the first 15 to 20 minutes of the game.

Tips on earning gold with Alchemist?

  • While jungle farming, try to stack up creeps, the more you kill the more you earn.
  • Use your 1st skill to your advantage. It covers a huge area and works like a Radiance. Try to use it in a way that damage 2 creep bases.
  • Most people go for Radiance, however, I strongly recommend Maelstrom as it helps you farm better and quicker. It may take you 10 minutes to farm Radiance but you can farm Maelstrom within the first 7 to 8 minutes. And the next 4 to 6 minutes, you can easily farm Radiance.
  • Always give more attack speed to Alchemist and don’t forget the basher. With this farming will be easy and killing heroes will be a really fun game.

So, these were all the best farming heroes in Dota 2. Besides these heroes which others heroes do you think are amazing at farming gold. Let me know in the comments below.

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