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Is it Worth Buying a PC for Gaming?

Is it Worth Buying a PC for Gaming?


PC vs Console is a war that never ends, one is expensive yet other is more convienient and overall both of these gaming systems looks like a worthwhile investment. There is no doubt, even if you get an Xbox or PS4, you will still have a lot of fun gaming however, if you want the truest gaming experience, with ultimate graphics and full control over the hardware and sofware of your gaming system then, PC stands far better than gaming consoles.

In fact, if you want that level of performance, graphics, hardware and horsepower while gaming, a PC is much more preferable than gaming consoles. At the same time, if you want to have maximum accuracy in FPS games, you can’t get that through gaming consoles because the mouse is just far better than joysticks for shooting and playing FPS games.

To further address this question, Here’s why PC is much much better than gaming consoles and the reasons why it is worth buying a PC for gaming.

1. Difference in Graphics

It’s hard to say that in 2020, game graphics in consoles are bad. They aren’t and they have evolved to become really good. However, when you compare the Xbox or PS game graphics with a PC gaming system, they cannot compare at all. Games on PC can be played and changed to much higher graphics than console gaming units and because of that, gamers can have better-looking graphics on PCs.

Yes, to some extent, PC’s are expensive and for $600 you can get a decent gaming PC which when compared with a $500 dollar Xbox which becomes cheaper. However, when you are playing on a gaming console, you are bound to get smoother frame rates continously at the cost of graphics because the graphics portion can’t be controlled to a great extent on gaming consoles. While, a $600 dollar gaming PC will give you a good frame rate, you can expect better graphics from PC even at a medium or high settings.

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For a $1000 gaming PC like the Acer Predator Helios 300, you can play games at High to Ultra or extreme grahics settings as these systems are powered with the latest graphics card like the GTX 1660 Ti or RTX 2080 and that means better graphics and better frame rates.

2. No additional payments to play multiplayer games

We all know how annoying it is when you actually buy your gaming system and then you purchase your favourite games after which, you have to actually pay additional yearly fees to just be able to play multiplayer games.

This annoying thing happens with console gaming systems. You have to subscribe to the premium Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services to play online games on xbox depending on the device you own. You don’t have to pay for Pc gaming systems to play online games. Here, even spending a dollar online scares most people, and in consoles, its a yearly subscription for your lifetime of gaming and if that is not scary to you, better switch to PC.

If you calculate, Euro 3.34 X 12 X 30 if you are going to be gaming for 30 years. That’s equivalent to 1202 Euros extra added inflation and other taxes. For PC, you are paying none.

An Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus membership costs $60 for a year of service. This may seem to be a negligible annual expenditure, but over the years it is growing. Once you have invested 60 bucks for five years and you will spend 300 bucks for every one of the services. That is the money that can be spent on replacing a Graphics card and getting a better one. 

3. There are more games for PC than there are for consoles.

Consoles have their share in exclusive games that never go to the PC, such as the “Horizon Zero Dawn” exclusive for PS4. But nothing beats the PC with respect to the sheer number of games.

There are millions of games available in PC and most of them are just much much better than the regular console versions. For example, PUBG on PC is just much better as you can play in better graphics and performance. Same goes with Call of Duty where using the mouse is just much better.

At the same time, you cannot play games like Counter Strike: GO and Dota 2 on consoles, as these games are PC exclusive and MMORPG games like League of Legends and Dota 2 can only be played on PC.

Overall, you can play most of the games on PC that are also available on gaming consoles however, you can’t play all the games available on PC using a gaming console.

4. Mods can only be installed on PC

Some technologically savy gamers build “mods” or “modify” PC games which offer enhanced graphics or added content.

Some mods are making the game look much better than usual, some have introduced new weapons, such as the funny mod “explosive Galaxy Note 7” where you can use Galaxy Note 7 as a dynamite. As an example, in the game GTA V.

5. More Freedom on How you will play games

While, it is fun to play games using the joystick on a gaming console, you can’t really use a mouse or keyboard on them. This creates a huge disadvantage for FPS players as they need those accuracy and aiming speeds that can only be achieved using a mouse.

When you switch to PC, you have the freedom to use a joystick, if you want to play FIFA or FORZA, or you can also use the keyboard and mouse to play your favourite FPS games like Call of Duty and CS:GO.

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6. Modifying PC components for better performance and graphics

You can pick just what component you want while building your own PC, including case, motherboard, graphics card, cpu, RAM, and power. Be sure that the pieces are mutually compatible.

This means, tons of flexibility and freedom. You can choose have 256 GB of RAM, get a Nvidia Quadro RTX 8000 and just blow up the perfromce of your PC gaming system adding an extra Premium Intel Xenon Processors. Right from Storage to anything that can be upgraded for better performance and balance.

When it comes to console, you get what the factory instills in the gaming console. They have fixed graphics card, storage and processors that can’t really be upgraded. This means, when you want to get a better console system, you’d have to spend the extra money and get a totally new system to play games on. On top of them, games also have to newly purchase to be compatible with the new system unless there is backward compatibility.

For PCs, you spend a good amount once and then just replace the hardware parts that get outdated. Less money spent on upgrades and you still get good performance and graphics.

7. And you can go all-out with custom liquid cooling, too.

I once took up a fully custom water cooling project for my PC. It was great, as it kept the hot parts of my PC cool, which let them perform at their maximum power over longer periods of time. But I personally didn’t have the time to maintain it.  


Overall, PCs are just much better than consoles in every way possible. Even if you compare things like portabilty and performance, PCs have a huge advantage over gaming consoles.

The only downside to PC’s are that you spend quite a huge amount of money in the beginning, probably over $500 for your first PC and if you are planning to buy a laptop then expect anything around $800 to $1500 for your first PC gaming system. But the advantages are that, after that you get better performance, better graphics and your gaming system becomes future proof which means that you don’t really have to worry about upgrades at all.

Thank you very for reading this article, hope you got the answer to your question and hope you enjoy reading!. Do follow and share this article with your friends and family.

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