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Laptop Battery Not Charging? – Here’s What You Can Do To Fix It.

Laptop Battery Not Charging

When your laptop’s Powered-off it is the most frustrating thing you didn’t expect to see when using a laptop to work in the morning. 

Do you know what is worse? The laptops not charging after you finally borrow someone’s adapter.  

“Keep seeking for solutions” or “Go home to get yours”? 

Or find out what on earth the problem is? Although your home is not too far away from your office, you decide to fix it by yourself. 

Unfortunately, you failed and felt overwhelmed because you got nothing after browsing all the technical stuff mentioned on the internet.

The only approach seems to go home right away and end up being distracted this whole moring. 

However, the worst thing happened …The laptop still didn’t work at all. As the work is very urgent, you have to send your computer to the nearest repair shop.

What a terrible day, right? BUT what if you know how to diagnose what the real problem and relevant treatment are?

Perhaps you could look into this article before you stumble on this problem one day.

Why a Laptop Battery is not charging

Part One: Of Software

Laptop Battery Not Charging

Let’s troubleshoot the software first.

Generally speaking, many computer brands, such as Dell, Lenovo, Sony, etc., will equip their laptops with power management software. 

If your “battery protection mode” is enabled, the power management software will prevent the battery from charging and discharging after detecting that the user is using AC power, which is the consideration for expanding the life of the battery.

Therefore, if you find that your laptop is not charging, you can first enter the relevant power management software, turn off the battery protection mode, or uncheck the charging prohibition option. 

Sometimes the battery driver could be a problem

After installing a previous Windows update, for example, my laptop’s battery stopped charging. My computer showed it was plugged in, but then at the same time, it would tell me it was also not charging. 

Part Two: Of Hardware

Laptop Battery Not Charging

Double-check the connection

Before you do anything, make sure you plugged in the charger to your laptop. This mistake can happen if you’re in a rush.

So rather than react immediately, check whether your laptop’s charger is connected to your computer. Then check if the outlet you used to plug in your charger is working fine.

Battery adaptor damaged or not fixed

A damaged adapter will also cause the power connection to fail to be charged. Try another one of the same brand. 

If the adaptor caused the problem, change it. It is possible that the charging doesn’t work when the adaptor is not installed well, and the connection port (power port) is loose. If it is free, reinstall it.

Battery needs to be replaced

Laptop Battery Not Charging

Poor contact and damaged battery. The battery has a certain number of times of charging and service life. 

When your battery exceeds the service life and number of charging times, it will not be linked and charged in perfect condition. 

Sometimes the charging port of the computer may become loose, and the battery port cannot be connected.

Motherboard doesn’t work

First, you have to rule out the source of the fault, unplug the battery, and only use the power adapter to launch the laptop.

If the computer is turned on regularly, it means that the power adapter and the motherboard are fine. If the fault still exists, it may be a problem with the power adapter or motherboard. 

Now, try to use a battery to launch the computer. If the battery and the power adapter can’t be turned on successfully for the same reason, it is a problem of the motherboard.

Have no idea about it

It’s time for you to ask for another one’s help. Clarify your issue, and don’t forget to include the particular model of your laptop.

At this point, it’s most likely a hardware issue. Either the laptop power adapter is having a problem or the power port on the computer is no longer working. If you can find a spare adapter, it would be best to rule out the power adapter first.

The problem may be unique for your laptop. And if so, expert tech support is qualified to help you out.

How to solve the problems mentioned above?

We have listed the issues that will occasionally bump into your work. 

Right now, it’s time to figure out the solutions.

Reinstall the driver (or Update Battery Driver)

  • Enter Device Manager on Cortana search box, then select Device Manager to open the window.
  • Select Batteries, then right-click Microsoft ACPI-Complaint Control Method Battery and Uninstall from the menu, then click OK. 
  • After uninstalling the device, click Action, then select Scan for hardware changes.
  • Select Batteries and right-click Microsoft ACPI-Complaint Control Method Battery again, then select Update Driver Software on the menu.
  • Another window will open, then choose Search automatically for updated driver software. It will automatically search for suitable battery drivers for your device.

Replace the battery

Do it by yourself:

  1. If your laptop is plugged in, either unplug it or disconnect the power cable.

  2. Turn your computer over, so the bottom is facing up.

  3. Locate the battery latch on the bottom of the computer. The image above shows some of the more common battery latches found on laptops.

  4. To remove the battery, slide the latch switch to the opposite side and hold it in that position until the battery is released.

  5. On some laptops, the battery pops out on its own. On others, you’ll need to pull it out gently with the tips of your fingers.

Find a professional

If you cannot find any latches or buttons for releasing the battery, it is likely the laptop utilizes a different mechanism to release the battery. 

The laptop may also need to be serviced by a licensed repair technician to have the battery removed through partial or full disassembly of the laptop.

We recommend referring to the laptop documentation or checking the manufacturer’s website for steps on how to remove the battery. 

The documentation or official website can help you determine if servicing is required to remove the battery.

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