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RRQ D2E having a weird name, pretty complicated but he is one of the most insane killing machine in PUBG aka Players Unknown Battlegrounds. He is from one of the most famous country called Thailand and he has played in several big tournaments and have earned a lot of success in his gaming career. One of the most unique thing about RRQ D2E is that he has a 4 finger control while playing PUBG which itself makes him one of the most professional players of all time. It’s not easy to have that 4 finger control while playing PUBG.

RRQ D2E Biography

Bawonchai Han is a Thailand Professional PUBG Mobile player who is currently playing for RRQ Athena. Firstly, he started by playing for Burnout second team and then moving to SOS Athena before changing to RRQ Athena. D2E is the younger brother of the twin brother. D2E is the first player that reach Conquistador tier in Season 1.

His RRQ team’s won a series of competitions. These include challenges for the PMSC and the Crew challenge. In the video, Bawomchai is goes by ‘D2E.’ His close fighting skills and fast reflexes enable him to use his technique of clawing four fingers that are devastating for his opponents. He already has a very high KD rating and is well serving his reputation in PUBG’s gaming world.

Real NameBawonchai Han
NicknameD2E and Dee
Age24 Years as of 2020
Date of Birth31 October 1995
Zodiac Signnot known

RRQ D2E Networth

2020-03-221stPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: Thailand League$1,441
2019-12-142ndPUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup 2019$60,000
2019-12-017thPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals$8,000
2019-11-031stPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: SEA Championship$35,000
2019-09-081stPUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019$100,000
2019-07-284thPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals$20,000
2019-06-231stPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: SEA Championship$30,000
2018-12-091stFighting League 2018 – Thailand$7,117.22
2018-12-011stPUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018$200,000
2018-11-241stPUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 – Asia$20,000
About achievementsComplete Results in any Tournament

After looking at his various tournaments and victories, we can definitely say that he is worth over $1 million dollars up until now. He has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube alone and he also gets various brand deals and offers from big companies. From YouTube alone he earns over $300 to $800 dollars per video. He already has over 161 videos which means that if we take the minimum earnings, he has earned over $483,000 from YouTube alone. After adding up everything, it is estimated that his networth is somewhere around $1 million to $1.5 million dollars.

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