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Top 10 secret Tricks Pewdiepie Uses To Get Ultra Famous




We all know our very loved and hated Pewdiepie. I am speaking to all kinds of audiences here because yes we all have our choices and besties.

We all know how pewdiepie grew from 100 subscribers to now more than 100 million subscribers. You can imagine how wonderful it is for Pewdiepie to have attained a state of level in the YouTube game where he now gets 1 million plus subscribers per month which is just insane.

He is famous, cringy funny, makes people laugh and best of all a noob gamer.

How does Pewdiepie get such skyrocketed fame? Lets find out.

1. Professional Creative game Rager

If you guys didn’t get what I meant, it’s okay because you can always watch one of Pewdiepies video and quickly figure out that he is a really creative rage gamer. This means that when he plays an online game, he has mastered the art of bringing and mixing sarcasm and anger thats results into some very creative rants and taunts while gaming. Of course with his amazing personality, that is going to be really attractive and it’s going to bring in a lot of people watching his videos.

Watch his rage videos its so funny.

2. The Art of Screaming

If you are dreaming of becoming a streamer and YouTuber like Pewdiepie one day, you have to learn to scream. I mean I am not saying that you scream like this guy here.

But just casual unnecessary screaming while you play online games. He has just become one of the best game screamers out there. Online gaming and on YouTube especially, YouTubers use this special talent to bring in a lot of engagement into their videos. If you know Jelly a really popular GTA Online gamer. He is also very good at this. Pewdiepie just takes it to the next level and he abuses it. That’s what you gotta do boys. Scream!

Trust me guys, it’s really hard to fake scream reactions while playing games and you just got to get into the habit of it.

3. Play Trending Games Even if you Hate them

We all know that PewdiePie initially started off playing first-person shooter gamers, horror games which gave him the opportunity to become big and also he quickly found out that by playing horror games he could react with screams and that would come off very natural. Ninja is another Gamer who use this trending opportunity to become really famous by playing Fortnite.

Being an RPG and MMORPG gamer, shooting games were never my thing and I usually never play such games. Well, Pewdiepie, on the other hand, has no option. That’s where the marketing mastermind also comes in. As you guys know, Pewdiepie was all in with Fortnite and GTA online when suddenly Minecraft got into his videos. He suddenly started playing Minecraft which was kind of very unusual from him. We can clearly see from his videos that he is pretty much very bored with Minecraft and he knows it very well. But business is business and you got to move with the flow.

But somehow he turns boring content into interesting content and thats 10 years of experience and talent guys.

4. Making the Best Use of Online Events

Pewdiepie we all know is now a professional YouTuber, he can be called a legend which basically means he has no competition as he has already earned the title. Just like Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee. The upcoming YouTubers may get even more fame but he won’t be able to replace the one and only Pewdiepie. The one genius thing Pewdiepie does is that he makes the best use of online events and turns it into a big meme and content for his channel.

Take a look at one of his videos.

Area51 was a meme even that went super viral in 2018 and 2019. He is already in there bringing you content about Area51.

The the Jesus event happened somewhere around 2017 or 2018 and he has already hooked with the guy. He has already contacted him and created content.

You see guys, this is called being aware of what’s happening in and around the internet.

As a YouTuber who is famous, you pretty much have an advantage of networks. You can easily collaborate with other big YouTubers and get massive engagements.

But what if you are a really small Youtuber and you need engagement. That’s where events come in handy and Pewdiepie makes the best use of this opportunity.

The Next Fiverr Event got him really famous in India.

We all know that Pewdiepie once had purchased a gig from these guys. He told them to do something that was rather very racist and of course, he later apologized. However, this event made him really famous in India.

Soon we all know about this T-series VS Pewdiepie event. Although Pewdiepie lost but that easily brought him too much fame for which he is very grateful.

5. Have a really unique intro ( My name is Peewwwdieepiaaaeeee)

Pewdiepie’s most famous starting intro line “Peeewdieeeepaaaiiieee” is what makes his channel so unique. It differentiates him from others so much more. This is also one of the reasons why he got so much massive popularity. That’s uniqueness and that’s going to take him very far.

6. Pewdiepie stingy Fake Smile

Well if it’s fake or not we don’t really know. But thats what he does. Smile!. A quick bright opening smile with peeewwdieepiaaee for starting a video is really going to attract a lot of viewers.

There is a quote saying

6. Fake it till you make it.

And that’s exactly what you gotta do guys to make it into the entertainment industry. Once you start practicing the art of smiling and do it very often, you will realize that you can’t start a video without smiling.

Pewdiepie himself admits that many times, he as faked smiling, screaming and so many of his reactions when he was just starting out. Its really hard guys to react to games which are somewhat very boring. You just got to find a way to make the stream interesting and bring out your personality and shape it over time.

But by no means pewdiepies smile is fake. For sarcastic reasons YES!

7. Mixing Personal and Professional Life

One of the secrets to his massive fame is that he is never afraid to show his personal life. He is fearless in revealing his personal secrets to his subscribers. This is one of the big reasons why everyone loves watching his videos. Your fans want to know how you are in real life. As he lives in Swiss, people can’t really meet him therefore, he is always happy showing what he is up to in his life. Where he is going to buy a new gaming PC or moving to a new apartment. The list goes on and you can surely watch his videos to know him better.

One of the most recent events that happened in his life is his marriage. Which is actually one of the most important events of his life and with him sharing such event with the world means a lot.

8. Releasing a YouTube Hit Rap Song

These days, rapping has become a culture and a norm and Pewdiepie does know how to use the power of rap music to bring in massive fame. That’s exactly what he did. This also shows that you can become whatever you want to if you think about it and actually take action. With the current tools and technology today, you can do so many things.

We all know that several YouTubers like Logan Paul and RiceGum bring in new music videos every time.

Pewdiepie has released several songs and one of the songs got insanely popular. That’s the T-series VS Pewdiepie Lasagna song. It’s seriously one of the good songs out there online. Its created by someone who is not at all a song artist.

This song has hit over 200 million views which easily brough pewdiepie millions and millions of new subscribers.

9. Donate to Charity

There is no sarcasm involved here as we respect charity for the betterment of the needy. But Pewdiepie has given several donations and that is one of the best ways to get new subscribers and reach new people.

The more you give, the more you get as a blessing and that’s what’s happening with Pewdiepie. Of course we all know that some Youtubers have abused this technique and they use charity in a really foolish way like MrBeast.

Mr. Beast is a little bit insane as he wastes a lot of money on useless things. But pewdiepie, on the other hand, has actually donated and raised several million dollars and donated for a very good cause partnering with a reputed charity company.

10. Being insane, being crazy and laughing out loud (comedy level 999)

The last secret that Pewdiepie uses to gain massive fame is that he is insanely crazy in all of his videos. There are sarcasm and comedy in all of his videos. Every new video that he uploads has comedy and makes people laugh and that’s the main reason why he gets so much fame.

Whether he fakes it or it comes in natural to him, it’s up to you to decide but pewdiepie is one of the biggest Youtubers out there.

So next time when you upload a new gaming video, just remember pewdiepie, and become crazy and enjoy the game. Scream at noobs, taunt at haters and become victorious. You will soon realise that you have actually made it!.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

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Stay tuned have a great day!

Best of all Keep Gaming and Keep screaming at noobs!!!!

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