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Top 5 PUBG Mobile Hacks 2019 (Do Not Try)

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Hacks 2019 (Do Not Try)

Disclaimer: This article has been written for educational purpose only. We don’t encourage hacking. We are here discussing the ways that hackers are using to hack our digital assets. If we know, what methods they are using to hack, we are in very well position to secure us. It is therefore at the end of the article we also mention the prevention measures to secure us.

Therefore, Hacking is by no means ethical nor the better way to play PUBG however, if you do want to just test out and see what hacking really looks like in PUBG then this article will explain all the things about PUBG hacking. It’s a really good way to spot hackers and get yourself educated about hacking.

What PUBG Mobile Hacks possible?

  • Wallhack
  • Automatic Headshots of other players
  • Change Body Colors
  • Anti-Ban Feature
  • Speed-Shots
  • No Footprints
  • High Damage of enemies

Why is hacking still possbile?

Even though the game PUBG is highly secure and you can’t just hack PUBG with another mobile application. However, there are flaws in every system and if you are a game developer or a computer engineer, you will have a better idea about the hacking process because the scripts, files, and codes of games can be accessed by anyone and is fully editable. However, if you ever try to make any changes, PUBG can totally ban you from Playing the game.

Alert: PUBG is well secured online game and anybody that tried to make an attempt to hack it will get banned from playing the PUBG game.

So without further ADO Here are some of the Top Hacks Of PUBG

1. PUBG Cheat Codes Mobile

PUBG cheat codes in mobile was introduced sometime in 2018 and that allowed players to have several advantages like getting unlimited Battle Points. Hackers were able to get inside the files of the game and change things that allowed the players to use aim-bots, change damages and armor.

However, this hack was fully banned by PUBG and today you can no longer use this hack.

2. PUBG Wallhack Mods

In PUBG wall hack mods, players can see enemies through walls, vehicles and it allows the player to loot items very easily. It also allowed the players to kill opponents much faster and also increase survivability. This hack also gave the player more rewards, Battle points, Loot crates. PUBG wallhack was available in modded APK or IOS mod that simply means that code of the game client can be modify to allow you to show enemies and other items. 

3. PUBG mobile hack Aimbot

With this hack, you could use an automatic aim bot that automatically aims at an enemy and all you have to do is press the shoot button to kill the enemy. The aim bots are available for iOS and Android versions. However, aimbots are automatically detected by the PUBG’s anti-cheat programs created by the PUBG creators and if you ever get spotted by the program, your game and your device will be banned from playing PUBG.

This hack however can be used non-detectably but you have to be very careful while using it because it aimbot mobile hacks are at a higher risk of getting you banned. There are some tips on using this hack to not get you banned.

  • The aim bot may not penetrate walls but it will follow enemies by hitting the walls too. So, try not to shoot at walls.
  • Don’t the shoot the players in every go and instead try to keep it natural because your shots are not going to miss. Therefore, the best strategy is to shoot when you think the aim is correct and your shots will never miss. Try to keep your shots natural.
  • Beware if kill cams as anyone can easily find out if you killed the enemy using aimbots.

4. PUBG Battle Points

Battle points can be hard to earn and farm in PUBG it’s takes countless hours of gameplay and mission achievements to earn just enough battle points to buy a couple of crates or items. In one game, about 20 BP can be earned by killing and rest of the additions are through performance, rankings and shots.

One way to abuse BP is through long survival ranks a.k.a AFK hack. In this hack, if a gamer stays idle for long time, he can get an extra boost on Battle points for long survival rankings. Its really not a hack but an good way to get extra battle points.


In the game, speed is something that can give you can extra hand in your survivability and rankings. Abusing speed in the game can help you escape through enemies or kill enemies at ease.

This speed hack can be achieved by changing a few things on code. That will will increase your movement speed. This change in movement speed will make you run faster and that in turn will give you a huge advantage in the game.


However, if you want the best PUBG experience, you should play the game without using any hack. The information above is just for some knowledge and information about what kind of hacks are possible and how to spot if anyone is hacking in the game. If you try to hack the game, PUBG is definitely going to find out and get you banned. So beware and play safely.

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