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Top Apex legends Tips and Tricks

It’s understandable if you haven’t heard about this Battle Royale game yet. It was never hyped before it was released on February 2019. This game is a squad-based battle Royale game that takes place in the Titanifall universe. The last squad standing from the 3 squads becomes the winner. I want to show you some of the tips and tricks you can use to make sure you have the ultimate fun when playing this game with your pals or randomly selected players.  I understand you have work and commitments so you don’t have the time to train hard and become as good as the pros. I hope the following tips are going to help you up your game and if you are a beginner they will give you some clues on what you should expect from this awesome game.

Landing and looting tip.

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If you have played battle Royale, then the landing and looting systems are more of the same. The only difference is the nuances.

You don’t have to lead the drop.

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The third person who picks the legend is given the jumpmaster. If you feel like that won’t be fun for you, you can just give up the position by hitting the button when it’s counting down before you start selecting characters.

Consider landing as far as possible.

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This is very perfect especially as a beginner. Getting direct into action might not the best idea if you are still not very good at playing this game. Landing far from the other two squads will give you time to look over loot and learn what they do.

Supply ship.

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Don’t forget to supply ship when you are dropping onto king’s Canyon. In case you are a beginner or you just don’t know where you can find your ship, there is an icon on your map that you use to supply your ship. The ships are high tiers of loot so you should be prepared for a fight. During the fight just make sure you pick a high tier weapon and get out of the ship ASAP.

You are not the only one who can land ship so be read for a face off at any time. If things get too hot I think the best thing to do will be jumping out of the ship. That’s what I mostly I do. Am not a pro but I have my moments.

Split off during the drop.

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Staying close to your teammates when you land is wise, but staying too close, not so much. When I am landing in an area that does not have enough buildings I try to veer off towards the building to make sure that my team is not fighting over the same loot. The ammunition is usually not in plenty so having different types of weapons is be a good idea.

Listen and earn to ping.

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The legends usually give callouts if any of the characters spot an enemy but you don’t ping. This is even more if your legend is being short at so make sure that you know how to ping. Knowing how to ping will help your team convey info without necessarily using a microphone. Ping is very useful in looting your enemies, declining an action, and sometimes you can use ping to loot a specific area. Always make sure to double-tap anywhere to mark your enemy.

Be aware of where you are aiming and make sure it is in the direction of potential threats.

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It is normal and natural to point your weapon to the direction you are planning to go but being focused on where you are going and forgetting about other directions, might leave you exposed to certain threats. Shoot from the hip and don’t be afraid about it. Hip fire in this game is way more accurate compared to other games. I always use hip fire especially when I don’t have a close-range weapons.

Communication is the key.

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If you want your team to be the last standing, then you have to make sure you are a good team player. It doesn’t matter if you are playing with your friends or with random selected strangers. The basic rule that I always use is that you should share your loot with the team mates. Be a good teammate and drop some ammo to your teammate if you have more and your friend is running out. As we already established, you can use ping to communicate with your teammates but if you still don’t know how to listen to ping, then make the maximum use of the microphones.

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If you find yourself being paired with an abusive player just mute him and use the non-verbal ping system and have hope that he will cooperate. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

Know your legend.

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Sounds obvious right? That’s what I thought at the first time. Until I came to find out that knowing your legend is super important if you want your team to be the last standing. Each legend in apex legends has a passive, tactical and ultimate ability. There is only choosing one legend on a team, no duplicates. So you should always make sure you know about the abilities of each and every legend before you can form a team.

You should keep it in mind that you are going to “die” many times.

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Each game starts with up to 60 players and from all those players only a team of 3 can win. If you are on the internet looking for tips and tricks for apex legends then there is a probability you are not a pro. And if you are good, there still some players who are better than you. Take your time and learn from your mistakes. Each time you die, take it as a lesson.

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