When Angry Teammates in Online Games Rage!!

Do you play multiplayer online games?

Well if you do then you must have had build up a lot of patience over the years. That’s because some players are just noobs and they just cannot admit that fact.

How to ignite their inner rage?

When the game has already been taken over by and we are yet to lose. You know it’s because of your team mates. And you know that you can carry the game by yourself alone in late game.

Just taunt them by saying “Relax Dude”

They will have a good emotional disaster.

Punish your team mates

While you are gaming, when your teammates know that the move they are doing is wrong and when you tell them and they still don’t listen to you.

You got to be a badass guy. Just let them do what they want in the game. But own the game and steal their kills. You will love their reaction.

Especially when you don’t do anything but let them do all the damage, and then show up late and do the finishing move. Boy their hearts are going to lite up on fire!!!

Feeder Feeder Frenzy Killer

If you have those mischievous devilish traits. If you are not playing ranked, best thing to do us to feed. Boy your teammates are gonna love you for doing that.

Especially when your teammates have worked so hard in the game and you destroy it by feeding.

Try Calling them Noobs

The best way to rage a teammate is to call them a noob. Who loves being called a noob. Nobody and especially when your teammates.

Best strategy to max out rage is to call them a noob when they are the ones carrying the whole game and playing really well.

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