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Call of Duty

Why Call of Duty Mobile is the Best Shooter Game ever created



Call of Duty Mobile gets released in October, 2019 and it surprises every single gamer out there. With 100 million downloads in 1 week, it breaks records and wins our hearts.

The game was initially released already as a beta test version and thousands of players have had a chance to play the game before the official launch.

With PC like graphics and gameplay, Call of Duty is a really good game.

But the question is that is the game that good to be at the top. Here’s why we think Call of Duty Mobile is the Best game ever.

1. Gameplay

No doubt, playing Call of Duty just feels better at hands when compared to PUBG or Fortnite. Call of Duty is known for those 5v5 multiplayer battles and Battle Royale had to be included to keep up with the giants.

The gameplay is just impressive with the way you use the controls and fire at enemies, it feels like you are playing the PC version of Call of Duty on mobile.

Using snipers was always very difficult in PUBG and Fortnite and it was really annoying to control the scope.

In Call of Duty Mobile, using snipers feels really smooth and firm which is just amazing and now you can show your sniper skills to everyone.

You get to feel a lot of control while using any weapon and the best part is that once you get good at it, there is no one who can stop you from leading in ranks.

2. Perks

Perks are some of the classic features from the Call of Duty game and its also included in COD Mobile. With perks, the game gets really interesting and some times, the perks can really be useful.

If you are a Knife/Melee player, and if you are really good using knives to kill enemies, using the perk Light Weight can be really useful as it makes you sprint faster.

If you are playing stealthily, then the Perk Dead Silence can be useful as it makes your footsteps silent and unheard by enemies.

The idea of Perks just makes Call of Duty Mobile better than any other battle royale game out there.

3. Loadout

Normally when playing any shooter games, one or two weapons is all that you have and you have to play for the rest of the game. But in Call of duty Mobile, with loadout, you can customize your player as to what weapons he can use in the game.

There are up to 5 custom loadout slots available. Each of those 5 can be customized using different perks, weapons, explosives for each of them.

This is just insane because you can include 5 different weapons and 5 different sets of perks. So, if the game gets hard and you need a sniper, you can choose the sniper slot and use the custom sniper loadout with perks that give an advantage to a sniper player.

Or if you think you are doing really well and you are good with knives then choose the loadout slot that gives an advantage to knife kills.

4. 5 vs 5 Multiplayer

All these perks and load-outs actually work in the Multiplayer battles and its really fun to play the multiplayer battles. If you look at shooting games, it’s not really about stealth play like Metal gear solid, it’s more about being aggressive and being in warful environment with intense action and fast movement and kills.

COD Mobile or Call of Duty in general is more about killing 10 players at once and getting those streaks and being the pro shooter. This mode is all about that and its really one of the most intense games ever made. Remember Counter-strike, COD Mobile is another more advanced version of that game. Where in Battle Royale, you have to keep finding enemies where as in COD Multiplayer, you know where the enemies are.

5. Score Streaks

Score Streaks are something that makes COD Mobile even more amazing. Its makes the pro have no mercy upon their enemies and if you are winning, you just keep winning because of Score Streaks.

Some of the scorestreaks are,

  • UAV. Score needed: 400.
  • Hunter Killer Drone. Score needed: 500.
  • Airdrop. Score needed: 550.
  • Counter-UAV. Score needed: 600.
  • Predator missile. Score needed: 700.
  • Sentry Gun. Score needed: 800.
  • SAM Turret. Score needed: 850.
  • Stealth Chopper. Score needed: 1000

These scorestreaks are just fun to play with. You can call a stealth chopper, and get massive kills or use Predator Missile, launch missiles on enemies that are freely roaming around the map.

Or use Hunter Killer Drone for last kills and get it on kill cam!.

The choice is yours and all the scorestreaks have different uses.

6. Last Kill Kill CAM

This is something really unique to Call of Duty Mobile and that is the Kil Cam. Essentially at the end of the match, whoever gets the final kill, how he shot the enemy is displayed as a replay on the final kill cam.

This is really satisfying and one the best things about COD Mobile.

Some of the best pro kill cam’s include getting the last kill of the match using a knife.

You guys can try this out, it’s going to be tuff but if you get it right, your last kill will be displayed on the screen as a replay of how you killed the enemy. Just Amazing!!!

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